Types of Studs

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Thread Studs

Continuous Thread Stud Continuous Thread Studs
studs are threaded from end to end and are often used for
flange bolting with two nuts applied.
– General purpose. The length of this type is
measured from end to end. Threads are UNRC-2A.
– Studs for temperature-pressure piping. These
studs are made to the dimensional standard requirements
of ANS B16.5 and have a length measurement requirement
different from all other studs, i.e., the length is
measured from first thread to first thread, exclusive
points. Points are flat and chamfered. Threads are
UNRC-2A for all sizes 1 in. and under and 8UNR-2A for all
sizes over 1 in.


Tap-end Studs Double-end Studs
Tap-end Studs Double-end Studs
studs have a short thread on one end, called the tap end
which is threaded to a Class NC5 or Class UNRC-3A fit.
This end is for screwing into a tapped hole. The other or
nut end is threaded with a Class UNRC-2A fit. Length of
the stud is measured overall. The tap end has a chamfered
point, but the nut end may have either a chamfered or
round point, at the manufacturer’s option. Tap-end studs
are available in four types, as follows:
Type 1 – Unfinished, have a
full diameter but no standard body tolerances.Type 2 – Finished,
having either an undersize body with rolled threads or a
full-size body with cut threads, at the manufacturer’s
option. The body portion will be finished to a maximum
Class 2A pitch diameter or maximum basic major diameter
of the nut-end thread.
Type 3 – Finished,
full-body, having tolerances equal to that on major
diameter of Class 2A threads.
Type 4 – Finished
close-body, milled or ground to tolerances specified by
the user.
studs have equal-length threads on each end to
accommodate a nut and are threaded to a Class 2A fit.
Length of stud is measured overall. Both ends have
chamfered points, but round points may be furnished on
either or both ends at the manufacturer’s option, This
style is furnished in the same four types listed for
tap-end studs. Double-end studs are used for flange
bolting or other applications where torching from both
ends is necessary or desirable.
Most steel grades not heat treated or
quenched and tempered can be furnished on special order
for production quantities. Only the Type 2 continuous
thread studs made to specification ASTM A193 grade B7 are
stocked in a full range of sizes.

Tap end and double end studs are not
available from stock. They available only on special order.