Socket Fasteners – Technical Specifications

American Fastener’s Socket Fasteners are very precise and offer great strength and fatigue resistance. Our Socket Screws and Socket Set Screws are recognized for their uniformity, and superior quality.

We stock a variety of Socket Screws and Set Screws, including:

Socket Screws

  • Socket Head Cap Screws
  • Flat Socket Cap Screws
  • Button Socket Cap Screws
  • Socket Shoulder Screws
  • Low Head Socket Cap Screws
  • and More!

Socket Set Screws

  • Cup Point Set Screws
  • Knurl Cup Set Screws
  • Cone Point Set Screws
  • Half Dog Set Screws
  • Full Dog Set Screws
  • Flat Point Set Screws

Let Us Help You

If you feel less than 100 percent certain about which Socket Screws you should order, save yourself some headache and contact us right away with any questions you have. We can help you make the right choice for your application, every time.


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Socket Fasteners are useful for many applications. Our guide will help you find the socket fastener you need. Still unsure of the best fastener for your application, Call Our Experts for their opinion.

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At American Fastener, we are the FIRST choice in SPECIALTY FASTENERS.

With over 30 years in the specialized fastener field, we have helped clients worldwide solve problem applications.


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